There are many opportunities in Newaygo County for year round activities. The Muskegon river offers great fishing, canoeing, kayaking and tubing, with shuttles specifically to drop you off and pick you up after a days float. We can arrainge a local fishing guide, refer you restaruants, antique stores, shopping and other day trips throught Newaygo County.

There three  restaruants close to the house. Northern Trails is the best with Sportsman Grill downtown really nice too. They are all within 5 miles.

There are many golf courses in the area, with 2 top 50 public courses in the nation within 30 minutes.

There are great oppotunites for canoing and kayaking with livery support to rent, drop you up river and pick you up.  They can provide tubes, kayaks or canoes. The float from the dam down to Newaygo is all day. You can do a half trip from Thornapple and takes about a half a day. During the peak times be sure to reserve ahead of time as they do rent everything out on weekends.

Emergency Numbers
Hospital - Gerber Memorial Hospital (231) 652-5383, 211 West Pine Lake Dr. Newaygo, Mi;_ylt=Ahyao8Dgr7p9hbSGdYmQ8RyKNcIF;_ylv=3?viewtype=map

Fire - Newaygo Fire Dept -  
(231) 652-7788  Croton Fire Dept. - (231) 652-3757 

Law Enforcement - (231) 689-7303   or 652-1655
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